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Hostel Ljubljana, Slovenia – cheap accommodation in the capital of Slovenia – Zeppelin


What do we offer?

Double rooms and dormitories

With free internet and maps of Ljubljana, comfortable sofas and fully equipped kitchen you will find all the comfort of your living room in the hearts of Ljubljana town.

Our staff, dedicated to find out best nightlife spots in the old town is happy to share their knowledge with you. The will give you all the information you need in order to have an active and interesting visit of Ljubljana. Together with TrekTrek outdoor agency we organize daily trips around Slvoenia.

Our private double rooms provide you with all the privacy and comfort of the hotel room, while on the other side you can still enjoy cosy hostel atmosphere and afordable prices.

Each bed in dormitory has its own spacious locker and reading lights. Clean linens are included in a price.


2 bed room

Double room

4 bed room

4 - bed room

6 bed room

6 - bed room

8 bed room

10 - bed room