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Hostel Ljubljana, Slovenia – cheap accommodation in the capital of Slovenia – Zeppelin


Owned by TrekTrek, the foremost Slovenian experts on hiking, biking and all things outdoorsy and run by a team of young travelers, Zeppelin Hostel is an excellent place to sleep, hang out and load up on information on Ljubljana and the surroundings.



A girl who likes challenges, particularly mission impossible scenarios that prove nothing is impossible. Since she was a little girl she enjoyed splashing in the water with her rubber ducky and the next logical step for her was to start swimming lessons. She took it up a notch or two and started competing in triathlon. She studies English and loves traveling so she often combines it with sport and takes part in competitions abroad. If you're feeling sporty after a night of drinking you can race her up Rožnik Hill or try to catch up with her on the bicycle. She’s the girl with the wide smile and a whip for a tongue. But she’ll never go after you, if you treat others as you would want them to treat you. She loves a good laugh and when she's in the mood, things could get really funky around her.




Ana honed her unique talent for squeezing impossible amounts of stuff into her tiny backpack while traveling through Europe. If there is mentioned something about bike, tent and Bovec she is all in. In the summer you can find her snorkelling around Cres and even better if there is wind she can be found on a little family sailing boat between wild beaches of Croatia. Since childhood she is devoted to snowboarding but recently she discovered pure perfection of carving on skis. Discovering new things, places and meeting new people is very important and essential in her life.





Devoted scout, she is open minded, adaptable, creative and keen on new experiences. She will definitely surprise you with her inventivity! The best part of it is that, being a student of translation, she speaks many languages, so there’s no excuse whatsoever to not get along. She is all about the living-in-the-here-and-now! Meeting new people and visiting new places all over the world is the biggest gift you can give her. She might not have been in the rarest places on earth yet, but she’s a walking suggestion box, eager for adventure and seeking for inspiration.

You will surely enjoy her lively, heartwarming company and she even might remind you of Pippi Longstocking when she’s in the mood.



A scout since childhood, Peter spends most of his free time tramping around forests and hanging off cliffs, except when the inner child (and pyromaniac) kicks in and he ends up burning down his neighbor's vegetable patch while having a go at fire-eating with his friends.

Time permitting, he loves to spend his holidays in a hammock on a tropical beach somewhere in Asia, meeting new people and trying to explain to them why he still has no Facebook.

Staff - Peter


A student of financial mathematics till midday and everything else after that.

When you don't find Neza in the hostel, singing while changing the sheets or preparing mulled wine, she is probably skiing down the slopes in the winter, exploring new hiking routes in the summer or in the best case, chasing wind with a kite or relaxing in a hammock while drinking coconout milk on tropical beaches of South America or Asia.

Apart from being a big sport addict, she likes playing saxophone, dancing and experimenting with tasty cooking. She is an expert in spending time searching for low-cost plane tickets and planing new trips.


Since early childhood, she loved exploring. Whether it was the hidden corners of her hometown or faraway lands, she was always up for an adventure. Her path led her to Asia, where she was living for many years, studying, working and most of all, exploring. China, Tibet, Nepal and India were her home for years and although she is Slovenian, she considers herself the citizen of the world. She loves all kind of outdoor activities, such as hikih, skiing, scuba diving, cycling and anything new she takes as a wonderful challenge. Speaking quite a few languages, such as Chinese, Tibetan and Nepali she is leading trips around Himalayas whenever you don't find her in the hostel. Martial arts, photography, some delicious cooking and reading are just a few of the things that spark her imagination and makes her feel alive (which is a literal translation of her name - Ziva).