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Hostel Ljubljana, Slovenia – cheap accommodation in the capital of Slovenia – Zeppelin


Propiedad de TrekTrek, los expertos más destacados de Eslovenia en senderismo, ciclismo y todas las actividades al aire libr, y dirigido por un equipo de jóvenes viajeros, Zeppelin Hostel es un excelente lugar para dormir, salir y recojer información sobre Ljubljana y sus alrededores.



The daughter of a travel writer and a journalist, she spent a big part of her life backpacking around the world first with her parents and later by herself, sampling just about every type of low-budget accommodation, from beach bungalows in the Philippines to the hell-holes of Delhi, via a sleeping bag on the sand-dunes of the Namib desert, all the while collecting various nicknames along the lines of Bule Tinggi and Tall Lady.

Life goal: sampling every restaurant, food stall and hole-in-the-wall eatery in Asia (I reckon I'm about half way through), and marrying Stephen Fry. Not necessarily in that order.



A psychology student by day and a theatre actress in the evenings, she helps keep the airline industry afloat in these hard times by frequently returning to New York City, her big love and second home. After years of singing and voice lessons she can certainly carry a tune and is quite prone to singing while cleaning the hostel during the day. So don't be alarmed, she might even do special requests if she agrees with your choice.

Life goal: an Academy Award for best actress would be nice sometime in the future, though a Bafta would also do nicely in the meantime.



A devoted traveller, Ales can be found somewhere in between wild bushes of Africa, busy streets of Rio de Janeiro or underground bars of Krakow. In the mean time he is our outdoor specialist in the hostel and  keeps himself busy with exploring the verticality of Slovenian Alps. If you want to know the names of all the 50 climbing routes in Mt. Triglav's north face, ask him.



Explorador desde la infancia, Peter pasa la mayor parte de su tiempo libre andando por los bosques y colgando de los acantilados, excepto cuando el niño interior (y pirómano) arranca y termina quemando la huerta de su vecino, mientras lanza fuego por su boca con sus amigos.

Si el tiempo lo permite, le gusta pasar sus vacaciones en una hamaca en una playa tropical en algún lugar de Asia, conocer gente nueva y tratar de explicarles por qué aún no tiene Facebook.
Staff - Peter